Shoebox Bookkeeping™

Serving your business since 1987

Welcome to Shoebox Bookkeeping

Shoebox Bookkeeping Ltd. and our founder, Helen Clarke embraced accounting software in 1987. Since then we have found hundreds of cloud based integrations of client digital data, proprietary software and banking information. Shoebox is an advanced pro advisor to QuickBooks, and a Silver Partner to Xero.

Shoebox has always provided “more than just numbers” for our clients. Revenue Canada digital filings, business practices analysis, comptroller account review, digital solution research, and coaching are all part of Shoebox customer services.

Every client relationship is based on GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and yet our diverse client base over thirty years has given us insight to various enterprises and industries. From Corporate non-profits and large restaurant employers to individual self-employed trades, we have helped them all.